Resource management

Resources are the basic building blocks of RPM.
A resource can be a person, a building, a room, a piece of equipment, ... anything that you might want to plan or create a timesheet for. You can even distinguish between internal resources (own personnel or equipment) and external resources (consultants, rented equipment).


Resource detail view

Category detail view

Features of the RPM resource management Discover the most eyecatching features of our resource management system


Define resource categories that are used to group resources. One category can contain multiple resources and one resource can be part of multiple categories.

Working hours

For each resource you can define what the working hours per weekday are. This will be used during the automatic planning generation.


Regular users cannot see the resources, only the users with the necessary access rights can see the resource details.


Each resource can be assigned a rating. This will be used during the automatic planning generation.


For each resource a cost per unit can be inputted: this will allow RPM to calculate the cost per project.


Each resource can also be assigned a set of skills. This will be used when filtering the planning to quickly find the right resources

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