Keep track of the performance of your projects with RPM's budgeting module.
Create one or multiple budgets for your project, track who has edited what and when in the budget. Compare multiple budget versions to find differences.
You can also import the actual bookkeeping data to generate comprehensive cost-calculation analysis reports and quickly detect budget overruns.


Budget view

Version comparison

Budget schema definition

Features of the RPM Budgeting module Discover the most eyecatching features of our Budgeting module


A budget consists of one or more versions and each modification of the budget is part of a version.

Version comparison

Compare the versions of a budget with each other to visually detect differences between the versions.


For each budgeted amount you can visualize the history: what amount was inputted by who and when.


You can create predefined budget schemas (structures) which can then be applied to multiple budgets.


Define transformation rules to 'translate' one schema to another, view a budget inputted in one schema visualized into another schema.

Excel export

Generate comprehensive budget analysis reports for a single budget version, or for all budgets of a project, as an MS Excel pivot table.

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