Project management

Projects are at the core of RPM: appointments, timesheets and budgets are all bound to a project.
Projects are split into phases which are in turn split into resource categories. Deadlines can be defined at project and phase level, budgeted hours or units can be defined at category level.
If you have several similar projects, you can create a project template first, indicate how may instances of projects based on this template you need and let RPM generate the projects for you.


Project detail view

Features of the RPM project management Discover the most eyecatching features of our project management system


Define project templates that contain the common data for all similar projects. Let RPM generate the projects for you.

Temporary projects

Define temporary projects to start registering data on and link appointments to while the project and related appointments are not visible to regular users until you 'untemp' the project.


Regular users cannot see the projects, only the users with the necessary access rights can see the project details.


Projects are split in phases. Each phase has its own deadline and is split in resource categories. For each category a number of units/hours can be budgeted.

Cost estimates

Based on the budgeted units and/or hours of the resource categories of the phases, RPM will calculate the estimated cost of the project.

Excel exports

Detailed MS Excel exports of the project are available, with all phases, resources and the timesheet information.

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