Planning is more than only creating appointments for your resources. The planning system in RPM allows you to also register the availability of your resources
The planning system contains 3 views: one is an overview of the whole planning, the second displays the planning of a specific project and the third displays the planning of a specific resource.
In the project planning view, the resources are grouped by phase. And as a resource can be used in multiple phases, the resource is displayed multiple times in the planning. Shaded zones in the planning indicate when the resource is not available.


Project planning view

Appointment detail

General planning

Features of the RPM planning Discover the most eyecatching features of our planning system

Multiple view

The planning overview displays the whole planning for all resources of the organisation giving you a comprehensive overview of resource usage and availability.
The project and resource planning view display the planning of a specific project or resource.

Automatic generation

The planning can automatically be generated for a project: based on the resource information (e.g. working hours, rating, availability,...) RPM will generate a planning that can be fine-tuned afterwards.

Temporary appointments

Appointments can be marked as 'temporary': they won't appear in the planning of the regular users but you can also take them into account for the planning.

Simulated scenarios

You can create planning simulations, called scenarios, in which you can plan or unplan resources. In one click you can merge the simulated scenario with the 'real' planning.


Except appointments you can also record (un)availabilities in the planning, effectively informing you when a resource can or can't be planned.


Appointments can be confirmed or rejected: this is particularly useful when external resources are using the planning too.

Drag & Drop

You can manipulate the planning using drag & drop: this allows you to quickly record planning modifications.


Users can be notified by SMS and/or by e-mail about new or updated appointments in their planning.

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